I am looking for a command to see the process listening to a port, e.g. /dev/ttyS0 (with root rights on a Linux system). I can do that with

lsof /dev/ttyS0

but this is really too slow. Also, I cannot use the -p flag to make it faster.

I would like to do essentially the same using other resources of the linux system. Is that possible?


I've only tried it with a virtual console, but this will work (at least for some resources. I don't have a Serial port, but it worked for my tty's)

fuser -n file /dev/ttyS0

(As root, of-course)

Similarly you can look up things speaking to a socket with fuser -n tcp|udp XXXX

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  • Unfortunately, I do not have the -n option available. But I will look into fuser. – Alex Mar 21 '13 at 7:12

I know it is late but for future use. If lsof (with root rights) is taking too long, the reason can be that it is trying to resolve hostnames when a large number of tcp/udp ports are open. This can be avoided using -n option sudo lsof -n /dev/ttyS0 If -n option is not available then you might try -X option sudo lsof -X /dev/ttyS0

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