On a PC this is Alt+O,C,A, as explained here.

Is there an equivalent keyboard shortcut in Excel for Mac, to fit the column width to the width of the text?

I'm using the 2011 version.

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    I don't have my Macbook with me so I can't confirm if this is possible, but have you tried assigning a custom keyboard shortcut to it? I believe Autofit Column Width should be under Format. – Ellesa Mar 21 '13 at 17:21
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    Thanks for a good idea! Unfortunately 'Autofit Column Width' wasn't in there (under 'Format'). I set a shortcut that pops a window asking me to type a width in inches. I'm still looking for an Autofit solution. – Nelu Mar 21 '13 at 18:20

Although Microsoft did not include many keyboard shortcuts in their Office Suite for Mac, you can make your own for any app including Office apps. To do so:

  • Go to System Preferences and then Keyboard.
  • Select the shortcuts tab.
  • You can add any shortcut there either system-wide for any application or application specific by clicking the Plus button +, selecting Excel and recording your key combination.

In this case you must type in AutoFit Selection just as it appears on the menu in Excel. (Format > Column > AutoFit Selection)

You can choose any key combination that suits your fancy.

System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts

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Sorry if may sound slightly off the topic, but for ease,

  1. Cmd ⌘ + A
  2. Double click (mouse) on any column divider on top

This gives autofit column width of an active worksheet. To avoid any potential overlapping shortcuts.

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