I want to be able to name my tmux windows and select them using fuzzy matching (similar to LustyJuggler or Ctrl-P in vim).

Is this possible with tmux?

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Default tmux has almost exactly what you want:

C-b, Rename current window

C-b' (single quote) Prompt for window index to select

Note this 'window index' wording is a little misleading. This prompt actually accepts target-window which is quite powerful and includes:

  1. The start of a window name, such as `mysession:mywin'.
  2. As an fnmatch(3) pattern matched against the window name.

Not quite fuzzy matching but pretty close to it. So if you have your named windows

  • foo
  • bar
  • buz

you can jump between them very quickly:

  • C-b'fEnter
  • C-b'baEnter
  • C-b'buEnter
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Here are links to scripts that use fzf to fuzzy search and select a pane:



I guess it won't be too hard to adjust those for fuzzy searching windows.


Change this line:

panes=$(tmux list-panes -s -F '#I:#P - #{pane_current_path} #{pane_current_command}')


panes=$(tmux list-panes -s -F '#I:#P #W - #{pane_current_path} #{pane_current_command}')

(I added the #W which also prints the window name)


Tmux can't do that by default.

Google doesn't return many results and this question is number two or three depending on the query but these zsh scripts might be interesting.


I don't think that's necessary.

You can see the index of every window at the status line, then a PREFIX+number will bring you anywhere you want, much quicker than any search.

If you have so much windows to need a search, maybe they are too much.

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    I think you can not easily judge what's necessary for the OP... For example, I do not use multiple tmux windows, but separate terminal windows - about 20, often - on 16 virtual screens. My firefox has about 100 tabs open normally - do you think that's too much? I don't (Ok, sometimes...). Mar 25, 2016 at 6:43

You can name windows in tmux with the default keybinding prefix + , or by executing:

tmux rename-window "<the-name>"

I made a shell function to fuzzy find a tmux window by name (using fzf) and then switching to it:

tmux_fzf_window() {
    window_list=$(tmux list-windows -F '#{window_index} #{window_name}')
    window_index=$(echo "$window_list" | fzf | awk '{ print $1 }')
    tmux select-window -t $window_index

And I use it in my tmux.conf like this:

bind-key f run "tmux split-window -l 12 'bash -ci tmux_fzf_window'"

Then when you press prefix + F, a tmux pane appears at the bottom with a list of windows, that you can fuzzy filter and select to switch to that window.

Note: this overrides the default prefix + F keybinding which is set to "Find window", which works somewhat similar but less fuzzy and interactive.

Inspired by https://github.com/junegunn/fzf/wiki/Examples#tmux

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