I am running X on my local machine and then using ssh -Y username@remotemachine to connect to a remote Debian server. Once logged in to this remote Debian server I type iceweasel at the command line prompt. When this app starts I get the rubber-band outline that wants me to place the window before it starts.

I want to be able to start iceweasel and have it open up on my local display without waiting for me to manually place it anywhere. How can I do this?


twm autoplacement can be set in your ~/.twmrc file with "RandomPlacement".


$ cat ~/.twmrc


twm is rough though, there are a lot of things you cannot configure. "man twm" has a lot of good information.


A work colleague informed me that auto-placement is a function of the windows manager; the window manager I was using (twm) does not auto-place. So, I simply changed to a different windows manager that does auto-place, solving the problem.

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