Please Help! I am a novice excel user and I am trying to get this formula to compute and not having any luck. Is there anything glaringly obvious to anyone?

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    Please include some sample data so we know what you are working with. Also explain your expected output, we cannot know what you are trying to do :). – terdon Mar 22 '13 at 17:59

You can't evaluate D4 against multiple values that way. You have to use AND() like this:


Otherwise, things look okay (parentheses are balanced, there are no syntax errors, etc.).


Typically you don't need AND because each IF already deals with one range of data so this sort of setup should be possible


you might want to look at what you want the result to be if D4=D3*0.1 or one of the other "boundary" values because when you use just < and > without = in either you are not explicitly defining those and you'll get zero - that doesn't happen with my version

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