I prefer Foxit Reader over Google Docs, but whenever I receive a PDF file over Gmail I have to either download it or view it in Google Docs.

Is there a script (or any other way) to open Gmail PDF files on my browser's standard PDF reader (Foxit) instead of Google Docs?

If it's relevant, I use Firefox and Windows.

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If you activate the Foxit Reader Firefox plugin (which can be done when installing Foxit Reader or through Firefox' Tools menu->Add-ons->Plugins->Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla), you can then click the attachment link Download (instead of View) and you will get the option to see it in Firefox through that plugin.

You cannot use Foxit reader without downloading the attachment. It will however be downloaded to a temp folder and removed once you close the firefox tab where the document is being displayed.

  • Well that's simple =). I do have the plugin installed, and would have seen this if I hadn't set firefox to automatically skip the "Download or open" messagebox. Thanks.
    – Malabarba
    Oct 18, 2009 at 22:12

You can choose print from the file menu, then cancel print. Google docs switches to Adobe Reader in order to print.

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