I'm trying to overload my keyboard.

CapsLock & J::Send {Left} ..is the left arrow, you can guess the other directions.

CapsLock & H::Send ^{Left} ..is jump word left.

I started adding a lot of extra and I am running out of keys, so I thought I would like to introduce extra modifiers like D could be de "Delete modifier". CapsLock+D+J would delete a char form the Left (like Backspace key), CapsLock+D+L would delete a char from the right (like Delete key).

Additionally, S would be my Speedy modifier like Ctrl, meaning "jump words". So CapsLock+S+D+J would delete a word to the left.

If I could only... -bind to 3+ keys, that would solve it. -bind to any keyup/down and process it in if-else blocks, that would solve it.

Ideas appreciated.

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Three modifiers like CapsLock & H & D cannot be used.

You can use GetKeyState and combine it with hotkeys and if or switch statements to make any combination.

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  • Why didn't you make this an official answer? – Robert Ilbrink Mar 25 '13 at 14:09
  • I new about GetKeyState but I forgot to state that in my question, and it is quite relevant so I accept your answer, although I also posted what really did it. Thank you though, Armin. – boomla Mar 27 '13 at 12:21

The trick to catch any keyup/down event happens to be this:

*d::msgbox, d down
*d up::msgbox, d up

Note that "d down" fires many times until you release it. * stands for any modifier keys like shift/alt/ctrl/win (or nothing).

To handle anything I use sg. like this:

updateState(key, dir) {..}

*a::updateState("a", "down")
*a up::updateState("a", "up")
*b::updateState("b", "down")
*b up::updateState("b", "up")
*c::updateState("c", "down")

and I store all the key states I need in variables like key_a, key_b, key_capslock, ..

Also, the current event is in a variable like a_down, a_up, b_down, b_up, ..

Then I can use if-else statements like

if(key_capslock and key_d and key_f and j_down) {
    ; do whatever

No, I can't recognize any speed decrease while typing.

If the CapsLock is not pressed I use the following to "pass through" the normal keyboard functionality:

; DEFAULT keyboard
if(key_capslock = 0) {
        shift := "+"
        ctrl := "^"
        alt := "!"

    if(dir="down") {
        event = {%key% down}
    else {
        event = {%key% up}

    SendInput, %shift%%ctrl%%alt%%event%

Edit: Note that some keys can not be detected at the same time, as (most?) keyboards have a matrix layout with horizontal and vertical wires. Once a key is pressed, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical wire is used, thus a next keypress/release sharing any of these wires can not be accurately detected. For that reason, I can't use S and JKL at the same time, hence I use F for FAAST instead of S for SPEEDY. :/

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