I'm primarily a Linux user but I use Win7 at work. I really like the Linux multiple desktops functionality, so looked around and found Dexpot to duplicate it on Windows. One thing I can't seem to figure out though - on Linux, when I alt+tab through open windows, it only shows the apps that are open in the current desktop. So far, with Dexpot, even if I have an app open in only one desktop, when I alt+tab, it shows that app in all desktops.

Am I missing something in the configuration? I want to separate out my dev apps from communications, for example, and if I'm in my dev desktop, I don't want to see my email and browser apps when alt-tabbing to move from one app to another.


It might be that you changed some option in Dexpot. I have installed Dexpot 1.6 on my Windows 7 and i don't experience the same behavior. When i open applications in one of my desktops and go on another virtual desktop and press Alt+Tab i see only the open applications on that current desktop. If you still have the same problem try playing a little with the Dexpot settings.


Under SettingsSwitching Desktops → untick Keep all taskbar buttons visible

  • I'm not talking about the buttons in the taskbar. I DO want all of my taskbar buttons visible in all workspaces. What I DON'T want is to have to alt-tab through 15 open apps, when only 4 of those are open in my current workspace. – EmmyS Mar 31 '14 at 15:34

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