Simple question: How do I boot an HP dv7-4053cl into bios where I can boot to a CD instead of the internal HDD?

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  1. Reboot your laptop.

  2. When the HP splash screen appears, press Esc to enter the Startup Menu.

  3. Press F9 to enter the Boot Device Options.

  4. Two possible scenarios:

    • Your optical disk drive appears in the list.

      Select it with the arrow keys and press Enter.

    • Your optical disc drive does not appear in the list.

      1. Press F10 to enter the BIOS setup.

      2. Go to System Configuration → Boot Options and toggle CD-ROM Boot to Enabled.

      3. Press F10 and Enter to save the changes and start from the top.

  • ah awesome. Didn't know to press esc Mar 25, 2013 at 21:00

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