I'd much rather avoid installing Zune on my Windows PC if I can easily avoid it, I simply want to dump MP3s on/off it.

It would be kind of nice if I could just use Windows Media Player... is there a neat way to make my phone (a 610 in my case) show up in Windows Explorer somehow?


You may wirelessly transfer/copy music files to your Windows Phone via a web browser using the current version of Music Drop. It's free and fast.

  • This was great, worked perfectly! – Mark Pearl Sep 20 '15 at 16:41

Here is a good guide on How to Enable USB Mass Storage mode in Lumia devices.

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    You should provide at least brief summary of the contents of the link. Sooner or later that link will be broken, and after that this answer is pretty much useless. – Olli Feb 26 '14 at 20:19

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