I have some directories, I want to pack into a tgz archive:


The archive should have the following structure:


Do I have to copy the migration tool into /home/stofl/myproject/ (or create a symlink) or is there another way?


The archive could be compressed with gzip later. So maybe there is a way to append the directory to the tar archive with --append, but I didn't find a way to tell tar to use a different name.


As the archive should have relative paths (migrations/ source/ my_migration_tool/) there would have to be an archive made from /home/stofl/myproject.

As you mention you could append a directory to the tar archive (tar only permits appending for non-gzipped archives). But this would not rename the 3rd directory to my_migration_source:

cd /home/stofl/myproject
tar cvf myprojects.tar migrations source
# appends contents of tool to archive
tar -rv --file /home/stofl/myproject/myprojects.tar tool 

The easiest option I think would be to use a symbolic link-:

cd /home/stofl/myprojec 
ln -s my_migration_tool /path/to/my/migration/tool/source/
# tar H option to follow symbolic links
tar cvfH myprojects.tar migrations source my_migration_tool
  • Yes thank you. I think I'll do that (but the option is h, not H, I think). I found an --xfrom parameter, but thats a bit too much for me now to find the right expression (if there is one). – stofl Mar 26 '13 at 11:56

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