It had some letters in its name, a fairly recent new webservice which I found uninteresting when I first found it but kept remembering and wanted to give it a spin now. But I can't remeber the name.

It is like an uptime tester with added functionality, you could poll websites, emailboxes, webservices, etc. and then define a hook that is being executed when a certain condition is met, making automated private mashups for you.

Certainly, as with everything coming from the Valley, I only hit this one service back then, while a number of startups actually are exploring this concept. So links welcome...



IfThisThenThat allows you to create personal recipes which allow you to monitor webpages and such for changes and perform an action based on the change.

From Wikipedia: IFTTT is a service that enables customers to connect channels (i.e. Facebook, Evernote, Weather, Dropbox, etc.) with personally created or publicly shared profiles known as "recipes".


I guess you are looking for IF This Then That: ifttt.com

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