While in draw mode, a mouse cursor turns to dot, which remain trace while drawing. It can be drawn both with mouse and pen. While drawing with pen, a trace appears slightly righter than a dot. This is not the case while drawing with mouse.

Drawing in other applications like Photoshop, doesn't show this behavior.

Pen is Wacom Bamboo Pen. OS is Windows 8.

  • Are there any calibration options in driver's settings? – gronostaj Mar 28 '13 at 9:15

Good question, I have the same problem. I have a bamboo pen and touch, it works fine in all other applications, only OneNote seems to have this problem: drawing short lines when I'm trying to draw dots close to each other - like dotting an 'i' or when crossing a 't'. Also, this only happens when drawing with the pen, mouse operation works fine. [win7, office 2010]

Found the SOLUTION! (just as I was getting ready to post only the above text) Goto Bamboo Dock > Bamboo Settings > My Tablet [TAB] > Pen Tablet Properties [BUTTON] > Pen [TAB]. Then decrease the Double Click Distance [slider].

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