How can I create several subfolders in folder in one command.

For example, I want to create:

/home/user/*create dir1*/*create dir2*/*create dir3*/

Provided, I don't have dir1. And I can't use 3 command, and can't use shell script. This creating must be in one shell command.

$ mkdir /home/user/TEST1/TEST2/TEST3/

Doesn't work, no such file error. If

$ mkdir /home/user/TEST1/
$ mkdir /home/user/TEST1/TEST2/
$ mkdir /home/user/TEST1/TEST2/TEST3/

That work's, but I can't implement that solution. I need to use just one command.

Could you give me answer for this trouble?

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You are looking for the -p argument:

-p, --parents 
no error if existing, make parent directories as needed

so the command you need is:

$ mkdir /home/user/TEST1/TEST2/TEST3/ -p

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