I have a folder of FLACs that I want to change the album on. I use Ubuntu linux with Gnome. Is there a command line program that can do what I need? I can't seem to find an appropriate program.

Ideally it would be something like...

flacchange --Album NewAlbumName *.flac

Any help would be appreciated!


Metaflac is what you want

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    You should give a minimal working example in your answer. – user3188445 Aug 12 '17 at 20:10

You can do this with the metaflac tool (man page), which should be available from the flac package (I use debian).

You want to remove the old tag first, and then add the tag again with the correct values. Here is the artist tag for example:

metaflac --remove-tag=artist *.flac
metaflac --set-tag=artist="Beyoncé" *.flac  

And here's a short demo of changing the artist tag on a couple of example files:

$ ls
11 - All Night.flac  12 - Formation.flac

$ metaflac --show-tag=artist *.flac
11 - All Night.flac:ARTIST=Beyonce
12 - Formation.flac:ARTIST=Beyonce

$ metaflac --remove-tag=artist *.flac
$ metaflac --show-tag=artist *.flac

$ metaflac --set-tag=artist="Beyoncé" *.flac
$ metaflac --show-tag=artist *.flac
11 - All Night.flac:artist=Beyoncé
12 - Formation.flac:artist=Beyoncé
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If you want a general command-line tagger that should work the same for any music file regardless of the format, try pytags, included in the pytagsfs package.

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  • ooo, that looks interesting. bonus, it uses mutagen as the tagging library. – quack quixote Oct 31 '09 at 5:21
  • Yeah, mutagen is a giant bucket of win. Ditto Quod Libet/Ex Falso. I was previously using mid3v2, the mutagen-based reimplementation of id3v2, along with a local customization to support multiple tag values. But since pytags does this already, and for all file types, I suppose I'll switch over to it. – Ryan C. Thompson Oct 31 '09 at 8:14
  • might wanna rethink -- i read pytagsfs currently uses mutagen's EasyID3 interface so doesn't support all the tags ExFalso will. tho that may be the same as mid3v2, i can't recall. i always just used EF for any multi-tag use (only needed multiple genre tags anyways, and only tagging mp3s). – quack quixote Nov 2 '09 at 23:17
  • Hmm. You're right. It seems that the magical format-agnostic tagging ability is built into Quod Libet/Ex Falso, not mutagen itself. – Ryan C. Thompson Nov 3 '09 at 5:04

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