I heard there are plenty of terminal emulator: xterm, aterm, terminator, etc.

Since I'd like to play with the color escape code \033[, and wiki said some of its feature is not wildly support, so I need to know which terminal I'm running on.

I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and pretty sure that I'm running on GNU Screen in GUI mode, but couldn't figure out which terminal I'm on when I hit Ctrl+Alt+F3.

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You can run this command in your terminal.

echo $TERM 

The output will be what kind of terminal emulator you are using.

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  • This answer seems to contradict unix.stackexchange.com/questions/93376/…. – user3731622 Mar 21 '18 at 17:27
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    When I wrote this in 2013, I either did not understand the $TERM variable or I was not paying full attention to the question. Echoing $TERM will tell you the capabilities of your terminal, not which terminal emulator you are running. For example, when I run this command in Terminator I get xterm-256-color, meaning it emulates xterm which was one of or the first terminal emulator for X and it can display 256 different colors. – Mogget Mar 22 '18 at 18:07

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