I have 2 interfaces


There are two machines are connected from per interface

Machine 1 to eth0 with address
Machine 2 to eth1 with address

I want to connect from each interface to each machine but it connects to Machine 1 but not to Machine 2. I tried ssh option bind with

ssh -b 

but not responded.How can be achievable?

  • Are both machine reachable? What does pinging them tell you? – alk Apr 1 '13 at 8:30

This will be because as soon as you put an IP address like onto an interface, a route is added for that network out of that interface. If you need to indicate that a specific address should be reached via specific interface then you will need a static route to it, like this:

# ip route add dev eth1

Note the /32 for a single IPv4 address route.

You could also maybe do it with source routing, iptables trickery and so on, but I think a static route is the most simple and obvious way.

As an aside, it is a bad idea to two interfaces onto the same network, so should probably have a netmask that makes sure it isn't on the same network as, e.g.

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