I'm trying to connect to one of my internal computers (private ip) using SSH over the internet. The SSH port of that computer is not exposed so I first create a tunnel via a public resource (public ip).

ssh <public ip> -p 2022 -l root -L<private ip>:22

After that, I can create the SSH connection like this :

ssh username@ -p 2222

Is it possible to execute this with a single command ?


You could always just run the commands, one after the other:

ssh root@<public ip> -p 2022 -L<private ip>:22 && 
    ssh username@ -p 2222

To spare yourself a lot of unnecessary typing, use bash aliases. Add a line like this to your $HOME/.bashrc:

alias ssh_tunnel='ssh <public ip> -p 2022 -l root -L<private ip>:22 && ssh username@ -p 2222'

Now, open a new terminal and you can launch the tunnel and connect by running

  • Just found out that this single command works : ssh -A -t root@<public ip> ssh -A -t <private ip> . No need to do it in 2 steps apparently. – ddewaele Apr 1 '13 at 23:37
  • @ddewaele ah, makes sense, you give ssh as the command that ssh should run. Fair enough. I still recommend an alias though, saves a lot of typing. – terdon Apr 2 '13 at 1:11

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