I have some AutoHotKey scripts that use or override some of the Win+char combinations. On my laptop or work keyboard, where I only have 1 windows key, these work fine. On my home desktop, my keyboard has a Right Windows key, which does not respond the same. On the AHK site I can see that for the windows keys, there are special characters for that key because of this difference, however I can't figure out how to make it grab my combos. For example, I have this one to override the default action with OneNote:

#n::Send #N

When I do that with the right windows key, it does nothing. I've tried a variety of scripts, based on suggestions I've found around the interwebs, but nothing seems to work. The only one I've found that AHK will even load is

RWin & n::Send #N

But that just ends up sending an uppercase N. Anyone know how to properly capture RWin key combinations?


@techturtle, Reading your question still leaves me uncertain as to what you want. Do you want your RWin to behave like the normal Win key (Rwin::Lwin) or do you want to create a new set of different combinations with the RWin key?

  • I was trying to get Rwin to behave like Lwin for the custom scripts. It already worked for the windows default actions. Amazingly, the Rwin::Lwin did the trick. Don't know why I didn't try that before... I was always trying to remake the combos. – techturtle Apr 2 '13 at 12:15
  • Thank you for the feedback. Great to see this is resolved. – Robert Ilbrink Apr 2 '13 at 13:26

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