In the latest Evernote update it seems they changed the functionality of the shortcut cmd-ctrl-n. Previously it would open a new note in a window by itself. You could then use additional shortcuts on that note to move the note to a different notebook, add tags, etc. Now, instead a "mini" note with reduced functionality opens right below the elephant icon on the top menu bar. How can I restore the previous functionality so I can use all my shortcuts?

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This functionality to open an Evernote in a new window still exists - it has just been masked by this new "quick note" functionality.

The previous capability to create a note in a new window is currently mapped to Cmd-Alt-Ctrl-N instead.

You can restore the previous method and stop using (or change) the "quick note" interface by clicking Evernote → Preferences → Shortcuts. There you can change the keyboard mapping from "Quick Note" to something else and map item named "New Note Window" back to the shortcut Cmd-Ctrl-N (or whatever you prefer).

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