I am having problem about the ipad wifi connection to adhoc (by win7) with static ip. The procedure is:

  1. Connect to the Internet with wired local network connection (autoconfiguration, ip:;
  2. Enable the sharing of local network connection;
  3. Setting the wifi interface with static ip address:, netmask:;
  4. Create an adhoc wifi network with WEP security, I have also tried open security;
  5. iPad connect to the adhoc wifi with the right password, with the static ip address:, netmask:, router:, dns:;
  6. after 1 minute, the setting take effective, the left-top wifi icon is shown, but, iPad just coldn't access the Internet!!!

It's wierd, I have no idea about how to solve it. PS: I have try to ping from, some is ok, and some is timeout...

Anyone knows why this happen? Thanks in advanced.

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