I have two computers - one for media streaming and one for gaming. My media streaming machine streams using the Asian P2P Media Streaming software Funshion. I've capped my download/upload speed on my media machine to a fraction of the bandwidth my ISP provides me so I have a ton of download/upload bandwidth to spare yet I am still lagging in my online game, such as Battlefield 3 for PC.

I want to note that according to my ping in-game, I am always under 50 ping. I have pinged Google in Command Line and got an average of 24ms. Here is an example of what I see when I lag in Battlefield 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpJBwX3GMGg

I've only noticed lag when gaming. When I am streaming Youtube or browsing the Internet off my gaming machine, I do not notice any slow-downs. I've only noticed slow-downs when playing online games.

I also want to add that when my media machine is not streaming, I am lag free in-game.

Media streaming bandwidth cap:

  • Download: 100KB/s
  • Upload: 15KB/s

ISP bandwidth provided according to Speedtest:

  • Download: 1500KB/s
  • Upload: 50KB/s

Google ping via Command Line

  • Min: 20ms
  • Max: 30ms
  • Average: 24ms
  • Do you play BF3 on PS? or PC? – Shiki Apr 7 '13 at 16:36
  • Sorry, this is on PC. I will clarify in my post. – icu222much Apr 7 '13 at 16:37
  • Wired or Wireless? Could be a router issue not being able to handle the bandwidth (or allocation of bandwidth), regardless of your ISP allotment. – nerdwaller Apr 7 '13 at 17:25

You'll have to get somewhere like 1MB/s upload before you'll stop lagging. Your isp download speed is fine however, if you only are getting 100KB/s download that is still way to slow to do any kind of online gaming such as Battlefield 3....

  • 2
    Are you sure that 50KB/s is slow for upload speeds? We are talking kilo-BYTES, not kilo-BITs. I'm pretty sure that speed is fine as I am lag-free in-game when my media machine is not streaming. – icu222much Apr 7 '13 at 16:34
  • Ok i didnt notice the big B have you run a speed test at www.speedtest.net? thanks. – dashboard Apr 7 '13 at 16:37
  • I don't mean to sound dis-respectful or rude but I've never had an issue with my upload speed at 50KB/s - even when I have a group (3 or 4) friends over playing Battlefield 3. I am using the Shaw High Speed 20 Bundle shaw.ca/internet/high-speed-20. Could there be another problem that is un-related to my bandwidth speed? – icu222much Apr 7 '13 at 16:44
  • maybe your router? we run a ISP in Canada and our number one customer problem is their routers causing lagg.. we now sell routers and manage them because of the problems that people have with their own... but keep in mind that 100KB/s (killobytes) is only equal to .8MB/s and that if your only getting 15KB/s upload thats only equal to 0.0146484375MB/s... – dashboard Apr 7 '13 at 16:47
  • Sorry, my media machine is only getting 15KB/s to upload. My ISP provides me with 50KB/s upload. If I understand networking properly, shouldn't the remaining 35KB/s go towards my gaming machine? – icu222much Apr 7 '13 at 16:51

Looks like a standard 15mbps ADSL (Or something similar.)
You could try installing cFosSpeed and see if that helps.

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