(I'm aware there are similar questions, but from what I've seen I've already tried the fixes suggested.)

How I got into this situation:

  • I'm running a Macbook Pro (Which means a hybrid GPT/MBR setup)
  • I was running Windows dualbooted with Mac OSX on an HDD.
  • I switched out for an SSD. Moved my Mac partition across fine.
  • Used OSXs Bootcamp assistant create the partition for Windows to install too (So that OSX would handle correctly setting up the hybrid GPT/MBR).
  • Used my Windows 7 Install Disk to format the new partition to NTFS.
  • Cloned my old Windows 7 partition across, via OSX Disk Utility.

Problem: When trying to boot Windows 7 the boot routine hangs with the error-message-less blinking white cursor.

I have tried:

  • Using OSXs Disk Utility on an install disk to repair the GPT/MBR setup of the disk.
  • Startup Repair (It found some problems initially, but no longer finds any. No change in symptoms)
  • chkdsk /F
  • diskpart to mark the Windows 7 partition as active.
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd
  • Exporting then removing the bcd, and rerunning bootrec /rebuildbcd

All the commands report success / no errors.

None of these have created any change in the symptoms.


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