On one of my reports, I have to enter in several order numbers. The order numbers all start with the same thing, but end in different numbers. example: "XXX-XXXXX-12345-..." where the "..." represents the identifying number.

Is there a way to change what the cell shows by entering in the identifying number only? So I just want to be able to enter in "9876" and it will automatically print "XXX-XXXXX-12345-9876."

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To display it in the same cell, you can set a Custom Format. Use the string, including quotes:


Note that Excel won't read this whole string if you reference the cell somewhere else. If you type 9876, you will see XXX-XXXXX-12345-9876. If you use a formula to copy that order number, it will only copy the 9876 that you typed.

Alternatively, you can use a formula if you want the results in a different cell. Assuming you type your 9876 in cell A1:


Using formulas, with the input numbers in coll b, you can just put in cell A1 ="XXX-XXXX-12345-" & b1 and drag the formula as far down as you need. Once you've entered all your numbers you can copy-paste value only and discard col. b.

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