I have a license to install Office 365 (Home Premium) on multiple computers. Unfortunately, all I can download on the Office website is a 550KiB net-installer, i.e. one that downloads the complete package from the web and installs it right away without asking too many questions.

Now, doing this once is okay, although it’s a huge annoyance because my internet connection at home is really slow. However when thinking about doing that again for the next machine, I kind of don’t even want to upgrade at all… What’s worse is that a failed update today apparently bricked my installation, so I spent the last few hours waiting for my computer to download it again to reinstall it.

So, is there some download-once offline installer for Office 365? Or can I just use a Office 2013 (Professional) ISO and install that instead and then just activate it using my Microsoft account?

Another thing that is somewhat related is that the net-installer asks no questions at all, so I always get the full package with whatever default options there are. For my notebook, given its limited SSD disk space, I would rather configure this a bit, for example exclude Access and Publisher (I use these very rarely). Is this somehow possible?

  • I would just copy the installer files that installer package downloads to the computer. – Ramhound Apr 9 '13 at 11:19

You can get Office 2013 32 or 64-bit from here.

As Brad said above after installing one of the above you can activate using your Microsoft Account.

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    Those weren't direct download links; they were being routed via some site that was no doubt keeping tabs on who was downloading what. I've linked to a much better page instead that contains links from MS/DigitalRiver. – Karan Apr 9 '13 at 14:08
  • hey I didn't realize that Karan. Thanks! – srini1990 Apr 9 '13 at 17:11

I installed Office 2013 Pro the other day from my MSDN subscription. It was a full ISO download. After it installed I started up Excel and the main prompt asked me for an email address to authenticate the product with. Below that was a link to use a traditional product key. Since I had a key from MSDN I used that option. My guess at the time was that if I had an Office 365 subscription I could authenticate with the associated email adresss.

If you have access to a full installer I would recommend giving that a try.

  • This fails to answer the question. He obviously doesn't have the full offline installer and wants to know where he can get that from, or whether his Office 365 Home Premium license will work with a Pro ISO. – Karan Apr 9 '13 at 14:14

it is also possible to download an image (.img) file for offline installation on office.com/myaccount.

  • Just open the link
  • Click on Install
  • Click on Language and install options
  • Click on Additional install options
  • With the link Download offline installer you will be able to download an image file for both x32 and x64 Microsoft Office

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