Today, I've upgraded to Picasa 3.9 and name suggestions stopped working as before.

When I was adding person to a photo, there was a list of suggested names ordered by highest probability. The same thing happened when I started typing in "Add a name" field. So, when I typed letter 'N', all persons starting with that letter appeared and I could choose one of them :)

Since I updated to 3.9, list of persons do not appears under person's face I want to tag (as in below screenshot):

There is no list under person's face I want to tag.

Currently, if I want to tag person:

  1. I type name or part of name,
  2. press Enter,
  3. People window appears with filtered names,
  4. and finally, I click Choose button.

Before, I just selected person from the dropdown list and that was everything I needed to do.

My question is—How to have functionality of list with persons when tagging the photo back?


Reinstalling Picasa helped with the problem.

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