I know how to make comments appear on the right side of the document. But is there a way to list down all comments made in the document so I see all of them at once instead of scrolling down the entire doc looking for them?

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Here are two answers (with some overlap):

Step 1: On the “Review” tab, in the “Tracking” panel, go into the “Show Markup” dropdown
and clear everything but “Comments”, like this:
        “Show Markup” dropdown
(If you don’t have any tracked changes (other than comments) you can skip this step.)

and then either

Step 2A: Still in the “Tracking” panel, enable a “Reviewing Pane”, like this:
        “Reviewing Pane” dropdown
… and you’ll get something like this:
                         “Reviewing Pane” — list of tracked changes and comments in the document


Step 2B: Print “List of markup”, like this:
        Print dialog box — Print what
Output is similar to what you get in the Reviewing Pane.

These instructions work, with trivial changes in the appearance of the user interface, in Word 2013.


This method may look cumbersome but it can be useful in certain situations:

If you save the document as .txt it will contain the main text of the document at first, and the comment list at the end, in this format:

[MG1]The whole table needs to be reviewed and updated.
[MG2]Remove section 2.2.4
[MG3]Insert correct reference.

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