I have a following build system:

  • Windows host with a set of source files that need to be build
  • Linux guest inside VirtualBox with build server

Now I mount filesystem through virtual box shared folders. Then I do the several steps to build system:

  • Switch to VirtualBox
  • Run build script
  • Copy build result into shared folders

It is boring and time consuming to do that manually. How can I run shell script in VirtualBox guest from host?

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  1. First create a Windows script (.cmd, .vbs) to run VirtualBox automatically (check this documentation)
  2. Put the build script on your Linux machine to run at startup (how-to for ubuntu)
  3. Create a shell script that waits for the creation of your build results (should be easy to implement if you have the results in a unique form based on timestamp) and copies them into your shared folders

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