Using cmd+tab only allows us to switch between all the applications.

Once I have moved the less used applications on a different desktop on my Mac I don't want to see them in the application switcher as it makes everything more confusing.

Is there a way to do that?

I have an options of pressing the F3 key to open mission control and then select the app on that desktop using the mouse which is slower.

Can I select an app from the mission control using the keyboard only?


I don't know any command-tab alternative that could only show applications that have windows on the current desktop. Witch can't.

If you want to cycle through the windows on the current desktop in order, you can use use the keyboard shortcuts control+F4 / fn+control+F4. It doesn't show any kind of menu though, and sometimes it selects windows from hidden applications. You can change the shortcut from the keyboard preference pane.

I never use spaces, command-tab, or mission control. It's faster to switch applications with keyboard shortcuts, and OS X's implementation of virtual desktops isn't really usable in my opinion.

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I was looking for the functionality you describe when I ended up here, and even though Lri mentioned that Witch couldn't get the job done I tried it out. It turns out it was possible. I can't say the configuration to make it happen was obvious, so I can't blame Lri for saying it wasn't possible.

Anyhow, bellow are the settings that worked for me. Hope this helps!


  • Actions tab:
    • Cycle Apps > Windows
    • Sort by: App Activity > Window Activity
    • Orientation: "->"
    • List windows from all spaces: Unchecked
    • List tabs: Checked
    • Mode: Automatic
    • List apps without windows: Unchecked
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I just ran across an app that does this well: Command-Tab Plus.

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