So a coworker accidentally added an entire /20 (~4000 ips) to a Windows 2003 Server.

I generated a simple batch file with all the necessary lines to remove these IPs. The commands do work and remove the IPs as I want, but the problem is they take around 3 to 10 minutes to execute each line, and the CPU is staying > 90% utilization, svchost.exe and lsass.exe seem to be eating up the most cycles.

Anyone know why these netsh commands are taking so long to execute?


netsh interface ip delete address name="Local Area Connection" addr=


Clear all ip settings:

netsh interface ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

It del all IP address. If the server is remote, then I recommend that you configure the DHCP server will assign your server.

When you run the netsh interface ip ... command, it rewrites two registry keys that are used by TCP/IP.


Apparently it takes a while.

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