My Kodak Hero 5.1 all in one printer on a Windows 7 system always defaults in it's own settings to printing on Letter sized paper. This is usually not a problem, however does come into play when attempting to print borderless documents.

When I go to printer preferences by right clicking on the printer in control panel, under the option for everyday printing I can change from Letter to A4, however once I move off the page after clicking apply it reverts to Letter size.

Kodak Printer Preferences Panel

Clicking the save button saves a new preset but then there is no way to put this as the default.

Has anyone managed to get this to stick or found a good alternative?


It's hidden away in the printer properties:

  1. Open Devices & Printers from the start menu
  2. Right click on your printer and click printer properties
  3. Go to the advanced tab
  4. Click Printing Defaults on the bottom left corner
  5. Set your chosen defaults and press OK on both windows

This is the only way that I have found to make defaults persist on my Kodak Hero.

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