I had a problem recently with Windows 7 on my dual Windows / Ubuntu machine. It started saying that some kind of security tag was invalid on all the files and that it was "fixing" them.

Then, next time I booted into Windows, I just get a black screen of death.

I don't have a disc drive or my original Windows disc so I can't reinstall. So I'm looking for ways I might be able to fix this. Windows isn't running but I can see the partition from Ubuntu and I was wondering whether it's possible to look at any error logs that could explain more.

If so, where would these be?




The Windows Event Logs are stored here -


You can copy out the existing System, Security and Application Logs to a working Windows Machine and open the logs there.

  • Thanks. If I don't have another Windows machine, is there a unix utility that reads them? – interstar Apr 15 '13 at 16:15
  • 1
    @interstar some quick googling found evtx_view – Scott Chamberlain Apr 15 '13 at 16:49

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