When I boot into Windows (7), my bootable USB (that I created with UNetBootin) is not showing the correct size. I think the space taken up by the bootable portion is not showing up. I want to wipe the entire USB including the bootable bits. How do I do that?

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I would do this from outside the running operating system, ie boot up a computer and mount the stick there.

Then you can partition the whole drive. You might want to use if you want a unix command line tool, if you want a unix GUI or something like Partition Magic if you are running Windows to wipe the entire USB including the boot partition.


Use the Disk Management console. One way to get to it is Right-click on Computer and select Manage, then choose the Disk Managment task in the left panel. In the middle-bottom, you should see each of your disks. Find the USB drive and delete the partitions then recreate a single partition of the size and type you want.

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