I've got 2 external monitors connected my Macbook Pro Retina, totalling 3 screens. I often switch between windows and need the mouse to click something. I'd love a way to say

center the mouse pointer on this window (in focus)

I don't see neither Witch, WindowFlow, BetterSnapshotTool or any other from my google-ing that does this. Hopefully I missed something. Thanks!

  • I know logitech has this on Windows. Called 'Smart Move' if that helps – Brad Patton Apr 16 '13 at 12:39

I found this free app, Catchmouse, that allow me to create shortcuts I hit to center the mouse on a screen. Three shortcuts for my three screens. It certainly helps although not as smart as the "center on window in focus". Build that and I'll pay a few bucks for it. Ideas for free :)

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