I have built an MSI in Installshield and I wish to copy some files from one location to another as part of the installation process. As the files I want copied on the target machine are files being installed by the MSI, I used the DuplicateFile table.

The purpose of the MSI is to backup and update some EXE files on a number of target machines.

I have added 3 entries into the DuplicateFile table, all much the same as below:

Component: STMM (reference to component in the project)
File: xxx (reference to file in the project, under the selected component)
DestName: stmedia.q9644
DestFolder: BACKUPS

For the Destination Folder (BACKUPS), I have created a new entry in the Directory Table:

Directory : BACKUPS
Directory_Parent: INSTALLDIR
DefaultDir : BACKUPS
IsAttributes: 0

When I build the back I have no errors.

On running the MSI, the files are replaced I expect to be replaced, but the copies I expect to be present are not there.

When I log the output, DuplicateFiles appears not even to recognize there are entries to process.

What steps could I be missing?

MSI (s) (C0:90) [17:20:15:078]: Doing action: DuplicateFiles
Action 17:20:15: DuplicateFiles. Creating duplicate files
Action start 17:20:15: DuplicateFiles.
DuplicateFiles: File: Creating duplicate files,  Directory: ,  Size: 
Action ended 17:20:15: DuplicateFiles. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (C0:90) [17:20:15:078]: Doing action: BindImage
Action 17:20:15: BindImage. Binding executables
Action start 17:20:15: BindImage.
Action ended 17:20:15: BindImage. Return value 1.

I'd comment but I don't have the points yet.

When you mentioned the file: xxx (reference to file in the project, under the selected component) - did you use the filename or the filekey for that file from the file table?

How many more times can I say file....

The docs say to use the filekey.


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  • It's a drop down field which is populated with the files within the component. so I selected the appropriate file from the predefined list. – Damo Apr 17 '13 at 13:15

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