I'm tring to build boost, in instructions I've read

When you extract the library from its zip file, you must preserve its internal directory structure (for example by using the -d option when extracting). If you didn't do that when extracting, then you'd better stop reading this, delete the files you just extracted, and try again!

The question is: How to unzip zip file and "preserve internal directory structure"? What program and how should I use? I have 7zip and Total Commander installed, can one of these programs "preserve internal directory structure"?


Right click on the .zip file, select 7-zip > Extract files..., and in the following dialog select the destination of the file extraction, making sure to select full path in the folders structure dropdown box.

This way, you are sure that the folder structure is preserved, anyway, I think that it is the normal behaviour even whit the simple extract command.

P.S. Please note that I'm not using the english version of 7zip, so the commands might differ a bit from what I've typed.

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