Title says it all. This file doesn't appear in 'apt-cache search'.

My sources.list:

deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian squeeze main non-free contrib

How do I get this installed? Do I have to build from source?

  • Have you ran apt-get update which you should if you have just changed the sources.list file?
    – Dan D.
    Apr 17, 2013 at 20:08
  • yes. definitely. yes.
    – ethrbunny
    Apr 17, 2013 at 20:14

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Debian only packages valgrind (as of 1:3.6.0~svn11254+nmu1) for amd64, i686 and powerpc.

  • Gah. Ok. Looks like it's DIY time.
    – ethrbunny
    Apr 17, 2013 at 20:18
  • Just get the source and build it yourself.
    – ethrbunny
    Jun 18, 2013 at 13:51

No binary valgrind packages are available for arm apparently. You'll have to build it yourself with the following command:

apt-get -b source valgrind

If that fails, look at the output and make sure you have met all dependencies. If not, sudo apt-get install those dependencies and try again.

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