I have a Jenkins Server which I want to Backup using 7-zip.

I want to backup the full C:\JENKINS with all the sub directories with only one exception. The exception is that from the JOBS folder I only want to backup the config.xml files. There is a config.xml file for each "Child" folder (such as "JOB_1" in the example below) of the "Parent" JOBS folder.

An example of the Directory Structure is:

+ C:\
------+ PLUGINS
------+ JOBS
----------+ JOB_1
--------------+ BUILDS
------------------ file1
------------------ file2
------------------ file3
--------------- file1
--------------- file2
--------------- file3
--------------- config.xml
  • One way if it's supported might be to exclude the JOBS folder on first pass, then add only the XMLs under it on the next pass and update the archive.
    – Karan
    Apr 18, 2013 at 15:42

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Without multiple passes as I mentioned above, the following is the closest I got:

7z a Backup.7z .\Jenkins\* -xr!Jobs -ir!.\Jenkins\Jobs\config.xml

Run that command from C:\ and you'll end up with all the files you want in the archive. Only minor problem is that the directory structure in the archive will not be:

------+ PLUGINS
------+ JOBS
----------+ JOB_1
--------------- config.xml

Instead you'll end up with:

------+ PLUGINS
------+ JOB_1
----------- config.xml

Thus after extracting and during data restoration you'll need to (manually or using a script) take all the JOB_n directories and move them inside the JOBS directory on the server.

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