I am a regular user of the forum: http://forums.vr-zone.com/

Currently, I am selling a laptop on the marketplace. As it gets very crowded in there, I have to manually bump my post every few minutes to keep it on the front page. Bumping is allowed on that forum but is very tedious.

Is there any way I can automate this? I know some JavaScript and Java, if it helps.

This is the operation that I want to execute:

  1. Go to the web page of my post.
  2. Enter the word "bump" into the quick reply box.
  3. Click "Post Quick Reply" button.
  4. Repeat after a random interval of every hour or so.

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You could try this

  • Using developer tools (F12) on chrome or ie, or tamper data addon on firefox find out the post request sent when you click the button.
    • Open the page
    • Press F12
    • Click on network capture tab
    • Click on start capturing
    • Fill the text field and press the button
    • You will find http post request in captured traffic
    • See the source
  • Now you can write a script that sends the post request every hour

I have not done that on Java script or Java (Ref: JQuery.post()). Have done similar stuff using python and C++. You could search for mechanize library in python. For C++ https://stackoverflow.com/a/1112084


You could just use a macro software that moves the mouse and clicks the appropriate button at specified time intervals. (Autohotkeys?).

In order to continue using your computer while this happens, use a virtual machine.

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