With the default settings, command + arrow_left switches to the tab on the left. How to change it so that it puts the cursor at the beginning of the line instead ?


From https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6205157/iterm2-how-to-get-jump-to-beginning-end-of-line-in-bash-shell:

  • Go to settings (Command + ,)
  • Go to tab keys
  • Under "Global shortcut keys"
  • Change entry Command + left arrow to Send Hex code: 0x01
  • Change entry Command + righy arrow to Send Hex code: 0x05
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    You can also set up Option+arrow keys to jump words by setting up Option + left arrow to escape sequence and key b, and Option + right arrow to escape sequence and key f. – Jamon Holmgren Sep 22 '13 at 23:33
  • @JamonHolmgren - I can't see escape sequence in the menu, the menu is huge! which sub-section is it in? – Toni Leigh Oct 19 '15 at 11:39
  • @ToniLeigh Just scan down until you start seeing "Send..." items. It's in there. – Jamon Holmgren Nov 12 '15 at 0:16
  • Here's a link to a screenshot: cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/1479215/11107105/… – Jamon Holmgren Nov 12 '15 at 0:18

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