I currently run Lubuntu inside Virtualbox on top of OSX (an iMac). For my purposes (Linux software development), this works fine.

Recently, I have been considering getting a Win8 Pro box.

If I want to set up the same Linux development environment, should I be using Hyper-V instead?

I have been reading some old posts that I/O performance is much better under Hyper-V (compared to VBox), but I don't know if this is still true - compiling code is basically CPU and I/O bound. I probably will have to end up trying both Hyper-V and VBox, but if anyone has any recent experience here, please share your thoughts.


If you intend to use the machine in a headless server-only capacity - then hyper-v may have better IO performance.

However, if you intend to use any desktop aspects at all, Hyper-V offers extremely poor Linux integration compared with Virtual Box.

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