For programming purposes (Objective-C) I need to export Japanese characters as a HTML file from Excel so I can parse data into my project. I'm using Excel 2010. For example:


When I open up the saved HTML file all I can see is a bunch of Unicode characters in place of the actual Japanese characters. Is there a way I can:

  1. Change settings somewhere in Excel to ensure actual symbols/characters are saved in the HTML file instead of Unicode numbers
  2. Convert the saved HTML file so that all Unicode characters are converted into actual symbols

Any help appreciated!

  • I'd enjoy trying to answer this one. It'd be nice if you could provide the actual file. Nitpick: Unicode characters are "actual characters". It's just that your "actual" characters are in some non-universal character set. – Isaac Rabinovitch Apr 22 '13 at 7:16
  • Sure. For example, I would like to see 飯 rather than &#39151 in the HTML. I'm new here, what's the easiest way to get you the file? – Tim Apr 22 '13 at 11:32
  • 飯 is actually a Unicode character. 飯 (note the semicolon) is an HTML character entity; it's used to enter the Unicode character in a locale that doesn't support it. / To share the file, upload it to a service such as Dropbox and post the link. – Isaac Rabinovitch Apr 22 '13 at 15:44

You appear to have Excel saving the HTML using a Western character set. Since 飯 isn't in the character set, it gets translated to 飯 so the browser interprets it correctly. To disable this translation,

  1. Bring up the save as dialog.
  2. Click on Tools/Web Options. The Web Options dialog appears.web options dialog
  3. On the Encoding tab, the Save this document as: dropdown is probably showing "Western European (Windows)" or whatever Western character set you're using. Change this to "Unicode (UTF-8)". You can also change it to a Japanese character set, but UTF-8 is more flexible and does what you want.
  4. Save the web page as before.

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