I just tried to open PuTTY Portable and got the following error:

error message screenshot

I have checked Task Manager and can't see that PuTTY Portable is running, despite what the message says. What could be going on?

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Go to the directory of where you installed your program. Then go to Data, there should be a file called PortableApps.comLauncherRuntimeData-FeedNotifierPortable.ini (with the name of your respective program after the dash). The Status was probably stopped or running (meaning the program was probably closed abnormally), change it to stopped, save & exit. Copy the path in the PluginsDir, then go to that path & you'll see another file runtimedata.ini, open it. Change the Status to stopped as well. Now open task manager & kill your respective application or do a reboot (to ensure its not running). Then try to launch normally :)

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