Often, when I am entering formulas in Excel 2010, as soon as I enter a cell reference, and then a + or * to add or multiply things together, Excel will make some kind of correction that creates a range, which I then have to delete to continue entering my formula.

For example: I'm trying to enter the formula:

$U$2 * (C2 + J2 * $W$2 / 2)

This weird feature didn't trigger on the first *, but as soon as I entered the plus after C2, Excel changed the + to +2:2, and the whole 2nd row was suddenly selected as a range.

$U$2 * (C2 +2:2

What causes this range feature to happen, and how can I prevent it?

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Shift + Space selects the current row.

What you are doing is holding Shift while pressing Space. So when you are entering * you are probably still holding Shift to type "(" but you press Space and the row gets selected.

Best thing to do would be to not enter spaces between operators, as Excel does not need them. This will let you continue to hold Shift while typing your formula. Else you'll have to let go of Shift before pressing Space.


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