Here's my situation

  • I play iRacing in windowed mode on my desktop, using all of my screen space, so I enable auto-hiding of my task bar to give me the bottom portion of my screen to the game
  • I then stop playing iRacing but often forget to re-disable auto-hiding of my task bar
  • Then I'll later get on my laptop, login, and my auto-hide task bar setting will be on despite my laptop previously having it turned off (apparently Windows 8 syncs this across Live accounts)
  • I then have to manually disable auto-hide on my laptop

I would rather my laptop never receive/sync this setting. I never want my auto-hide taskbar to be enabled on my laptop. How can I prevent this from happening?

Both the desktop and laptop are using Windows 8 and are logging in to the same Live account. I do not want to run iRacing in full-screen. I prefer it to be run in windowed mode.


You can configure what is synced on the PC Settings screen.

Windows + I to get to settings then select Sync your settings. Set Desktop Personalization to Off to not sync the taskbar settings.

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    In windows 8.1 it's now hidden away in Windows+I, change PC settings, OneDrive, Sync settings. Or from the start page type sync and click on 'sync settings'. – danio Jun 10 '15 at 19:24

Use Process Monitor and change the setting and find the event that indicates the change, then you can right click and jump to the registry location; changing the permissions to be read only should make the setting never change again, not even by you.

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