When connecting my Android device to a PC, it prompts to mount it as USB mass storage.

Is there a way to force it to auto-mount?

  • Which OS is the host? By your question I assume linux. Aug 1 '09 at 19:37
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    From the question this could be any desktop OS. When you attach an Android phone to a PC, the phone gives you the option to mount itself as a USB mass storage device on the PC. I think the questioner is asking if you can stop the phone asking and set it to just always mount when attached.
    – GAThrawn
    Aug 11 '09 at 21:07
  • 1
    Which do you mean? "When connecting the Android device to the PC, the PC prompts to mount it"? Or "When connecting the Android device to the PC, Android prompts to mount it"?
    – endolith
    Oct 11 '09 at 18:03
  • I believe this question should be moved to Android Enthusiasts. Also, I think recent versions of Android offer this option natively.
    – Erik
    Apr 20 '12 at 21:29

While the answers on here were correct at the time, since then a few apps have come along that solve the auto-mounting problem:


alt text


alt text


This would have to be solved by an application on the phone, to my knowledge, one does not exist.


The Winamp app for Android also has an "Auto-Mount" option.


Automatically Mount Your Android Storage via USB

Free and great app for doing this: DoubleTwist Player.


This is how to dual mount an SD card on a Cliq YMMV:

echo /dev/block/mmcblk0 > /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun0/file

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