The title really sums it up, but here is the problem:

  • I recently bought the Logitech K750 keyboard for Mac
  • The keyboard has a Norwegian layout, like the lower keyboard here.
  • On the Mac, hitting the key right next to the left Shift key, labelled "<" and ">", gives me the correct keys, in any software (that I've tried)
  • When using VMware Fusion, to boot my Windows 7 Bootcamp partition as a virtual machine, hitting that key either gives me "|" or "§" depending on whether I hold Shift down or not, clearly the wrong key
  • Hitting the key to the left of the 1 on the main keyboard, through VMware Fusion, gives me "<" and ">"

It seems the key to the left of 1 and to the left of the left Shift key has switched places.

I have not gone through all the keys to see if there are any other details wrong. I'm a programmer, so displacing < and > is a big problem, so I stopped there.

Is there anything I can change configuration-wise to fix this?

I have installed Logitech K750 Control Center on the Mac, but I have not done anything in Windows. Since the K750 keyboard for Mac doesn't seem to come with Windows drivers, I'm not entirely sure what to change or install here.

  • Can you change to a Mac keyboard layout in Windows? – Lri Apr 30 '13 at 19:23
  • I can change to a "apple" layout in Windows, doesn't change anything related to this though. – Lasse V. Karlsen Apr 30 '13 at 19:42
  • Does it work normally with other keyboards or other ISO keyboards? If the only difference is that those two keys are flipped, you can remap them in the Keyboard & Mouse tab of VMware Fusion's preferences. – Lri May 1 '13 at 5:27

If none of the available layouts in the Windows VM map your keyboard correctly, there is always the Microsoft Keybord Layout Creator. You can load a Norwegian layout as a template (File-> Load Existing) and switch the positions of the misbehaving keys. When done, rename the layout (Project-> Properties) and build an installer.

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