I'm building LFS to a 32 GB USB key and I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for some information on how to format my USB key to meet the following requirements:

  • when booted from, load the LFS build
  • when accessed from a running computer act as USB storage

I have used cfdisk to create a 2 GB swap space and 20 GB as the boot portion. I want to use the remaining 10 GB as shared storage accessible to the LFS system and usable as USB storage. I was wondering how I should format the remaining 10 GB so it can be used and it won't tell me to format it.

All help and direction is much appreciated.


Depends on what kinds of systems you need to access the partition from.

If you only need to access it from other Linux/Unix/BSD systems, you should probably be okay with formatting it with some ext filesystem (I would recommend ext4). If you need to be able to access it from Windows systems also, you should format it with either NTFS or some FAT FS. If you want most USB capable devices to be able to use it (eg. TVs with USB ports, stereo systems, PS3 etc.), you should format it with vfat .

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