In my organization I'm a member of many distribution lists, I have a rule for each DL/ML such that each message is delivered to a subfolder for that DL, however it's important that any messages sent to a distribution list, but containing my name in the To:, Cc:, or in the message body are delivered to my Inbox and not my distribution list subfolders.

I have a rule set up in my Exchange (Office 365) account that looks like this:

  • Apply this rule after the message arrives
  • Where my name is in the To box
    • and where my name is in the Cc box
    • and where my name is in the To or Cc box
    • and with "Dai" in the body
  • move it to the Inbox folder
    • and stop processing more rules

At first-glance, this rule seems fine - except that it applies the AND operator, so logically only messages with my name simultaneously in To, Cc, and the body will be moved to my inbox. Surprisingly this does happen - but it means that a lot of messages fall through the cracks.

Rather than creating one rule for each, is there a way to change it so these predicates are applied with the OR operator instead of AND?

I'm using Office 365 Exchange so I can't use VBA rules (which, in my understanding, run on the client).


I cannot think of a way. Outlook rules are pretty limited, it's too bad they don't have an advanced RegEx method to create rules. I think you'll have to fall back on your three rules idea.

Or open a suggestion to MS.

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