Is it possible to run a Linux-based distribution, e.g. Ubuntu on a Samsung Chromebook alongside the Chrome OS?

If so, is the installation process of Ubuntu any different from installing on a regular Windows 7/8 laptop, and how would I carry out the install?


It's certainly possible. There is actually a special build of Ubuntu for the Samsung ARM chromebook called Chrubuntu. This looks like a pretty good writeup: http://www.amirkurtovic.com/blog/installing-chrubuntu-on-the-samsung-arm-chromebook-a-step-by-step-photo-guide/

  • That does look promising. I was told it could well be possible because the Samsung Chromebook is essentially a Linux laptop. I think this should further increase the appeal of the chromebook especially to linux users. – Simon May 3 '13 at 20:33

There is also crouton, which I preferred after trying Chrubuntu.

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